The Silver Linings



Our services include Corrective calls, Preventive calls, Annual Contracts, Networking, Repairs, Internet Solutions, Sales of Branded PCs/Laptops and related peripherals and accessories, Supply of Computer Components and assembling, Software Solutions, On-site and off-site service calls.We are solution-backed, customer-centric, service–oriented, professional-minded and have an innovative approach to build lasting relationships.

Complete IT

COMPLETE COMPUTER SOLUTIONS – Sales of PCs, Laptops, Peripherals, Accessories, Add-ons plus Education, Consultancy, Maintenance, Networking, Solutions and what-have-you – all under one roof, backed by 24 years of experience in IT.


At Compuline, our mission is to deliver our customers seamless, prompt, courteous service and guide them through the maze of technology. Compuline always strives to cater the best for both customers and compuline team.